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Arduino programming for IoT industrial applications

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  • Venue: Kijitonyama Campus, UDSM
  • Cost: TZS 200,000
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Have you ever wanted to automate industrial processes? Do you get fascinated by how intelligent traffic lights operate to control movement of vehicles adaptively depending upon the traffic load? Together with many other examples, Arduino provides cost-effective and portable platform to address real-world challenges. The platform contains hundreds of open source libraries that you can easily use to write shorter and efficient codes for different interesting electronics projects. Compared with other platforms in the market, Arduino supports several add-on boards that accelerate development of larger projects, including those suitable for practical industrial applications. This course introduces the Arduino platform and provides core concepts you can apply to develop and implement small and advanced projects. The course, in addition, explores the capabilities of Arduino to design and implement Internet of Things (IoT) industrial applications. You will understand how Arduino can be programmed and interfaced with IoT devices that directly or indirectly interact with the real world. The course provides important fundamentals of Arduino to quickly getting started.

Course outline

Architecture, components, and real-world applications of Arduino
  • Motivations for using Arduino
  • Arduino environment (board, IDE, and compatible devices)
  • Simulation of Arduino projects
  • Industrial applications of Arduino
Arduino interfacing techniques and industrial considerations
  • Industrial processes
  • Standard circuits for interfacing Arduino with peripheral devices
  • Protection of Arduino against industrial hazards
Arduino programming in embedded C
  • Basic syntax, variables, and types
  • C-Operators
  • Conditional statements
  • C-Functions
  • Coding styles and rules
  • Libraries
  • Typical Arduino C codes
  • Code debugging techniques
Internet of Things with Arduino
  • Definition and applications of IoT
  • Advantages, challenges, and future of IoT
  • IoT Devices
  • Interaction of Arduino with IoT devices
Development of real-world IoT industrial applications with Arduino
  • Setting up the Project development environment (requirements gathering, block diagram development, components selection, and project design)
  • Arduino programs and hardware implementation
  • Examples


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