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Graphics Design

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  • Venue: Kijitonyama Campus, UDSM
  • Cost: TZS 1,500,000
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Adobe Photoshop has long been considered essential software for graphic design. This Graphic Design course use Adobe Photoshop as tool to equip you with knownledge on how to working with Image Manipulations, including crop and straighten images, navigate panels and menus, and work with layer masking, combine effects, smart objects, filters, effects and styles. Also knowing how to perform important editing tasks, adjusting brightness and contrast, correcting color, and retouching and healing,text effects, printing, and optimizing web graphics in Photoshop.

Course Outline

Adobe Photoshop
Graphics Design Essentials
  • Introduction
  • Photoshop Interface Essentials
  • Cropping and Transformations
  • Working with Layers
  • Basic Shape Layers
  • Selections and Layer Masks
  • Retouching Essentials
  • Combining Multiple Images
  • Essential Filters
  • Essential Blend Modes
  • Type Essentials
  • Painting Essentials
  • Working with Libraries
  • Essential Layer Effects and Styles
Adobe illustrator
Vector Images & Artworks
  • Introduction
  • Working with Documents
  • Selecting and Transforming Objects
  • Working with Color,Fills and Strokes
  • Working with Paths
  • Creating Shapes
  • Using Type in Illustrator
  • Adjusting Appearance
  • Working with Layers and Images
  • Creating and Using Symbols
  • Saving, and Exporting
Adobe InDesign
Desktop Pubsmallshing
  • Introduction
  • Create a Document
  • Managing Pages
  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Color and Transparency
  • Frames and Paths
  • Managing Objects
  • Text Formatting
  • Styles
  • Tables
  • Interactive Documents
  • Package, Print, and Exporting
  • Conclusion

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Anyone who wants to learn Graphic Designing.
  • Anyone who has working knowledge of Website Design and Desktop Publishing (DTP).

How to make Payment

The fees Paid by cash should be deposited to NBC Bank, Account Name: Centre for Virtual Learning, Account Number: 040103002088 and by Cheque should be made payable to the Director, Centre for Virtual Learning (CVL), University of Dar es Salaam. Come with deposit(s) slip.


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